Bob came out one afternoon last minute and gave us a quote for either replacing three windows in our bedroom/bath, or 12 windows that needed replacing in the back and sides of the house.

He was happy to give us quotes for both options (depending on how much we could afford), and there was no pressure on sign, pick or decide that day. No pressure is very important to us, since it says to us that he believes in his product and prices and doesn’t need to put pressure on people to get business.

He took the time to show us the window sample, and how things work. We ended up agreeing to buy the windows from him, and signed the contract.

Installation was done when the windows came in, and was a breeze. Quick, professional and courteous installation all the way around.

No complaints at all, and I would recommend Bob to anyone looking for windows.

Victoria T.

Mr. Maceda,

Thank you for taking the time on February 23, 2011 to come into my home to explain what Clear Choice Windows could offer me. You spent almost three hours of your time with me going over product features, demonstrating the window’s construction and ease of use. You proved that Clear Choice Windows is what I needed by demonstrating their energy efficiency. For the last three winters I have taped plastic all around every window and door of my home to keep the cold from coming in through the glass and frames. This procedure was time consuming, blocked the sunlight and all outdoor views, and caused me to have to repaint portions of the walls and frames due to the tape sticking on so long. You witnessed the taped plastic when you needed to measure the size of my existing windows and doors.

Within two weeks of our consultation, I received a telephone call from you in response to a question I had, and another call to schedule the installation for March 10, 2011. It only took five hours from the time the crew drove up to the time they left to remove twelve windows, install the Clear Choice Windows, and “Rap and Seal” them. They were friendly, polite, efficient, and cleaned up any mess that was made.

I appreciate that you showed up before your crew, to answer any questions I had and see that the installation got off to a good start. You discussed with me options for replacing my heavy, air leaking sliding glass doors and presented me with a written estimate for either new Clear Choice Sliding Glass doors or Clear Choice French doors. In addition, you provided me with a Home Energy Improvement Program Rebate Application, that you had already completed for me, with a copy of my Invoice, Manufacturers Certification Statement, and All Inclusive Lifetime Transferable Warranty. All I had to do was sign the application and mail the information in a self addressed, stamped envelope that you also provided. I am so pleased with the Clear Choice Windows and the entire process of working with you, Mr. Maceda.

From the outside of my home, the Clear Choice Windows stand out crisp and clean, and best of all never needs painting! From inside, the Clear Choice Windows has made an elegant touch to my home décor! I can’t thank you enough for your exceptional customer service and great products.


Helen F.

Everything went great, from the consult to completion. Everyone involved was very friendly and professional. I could tell they took pride in their work.

Cindy M.

Dear Bob,

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to write this. I wanted to thank you and tell you how much we enjoy our new windows. They cut the noise by probably at least 50%. And the are so easy to open and close, it’s so nice.

Also, thank you to your excellent staff who were so neat and courteous during the installation. And finally, I appreciate you taking the extra effort to get our windows installed so quickly! It was all around an excellent experience and I will highly recommend you to anyone I encounter who is looking for window replacement.


Katrina S.

I first met the owner Bob at one of the many home shows my husband and I attend here in Raleigh. We were looking to contract with a company specializing in window replacements. Since we elected to replace all of the windows in the house and garage, we wanted to make sure we hired the right company. A company that we can trust as we had a bad experience in the past with another contractor. Right from the start, Bob amazed me with his positive attitude, his caring nature, his knowledge of his product and of course, the price of the job. We still went on to interview other companies, since that was the suggested method, although I knew then that we wanted to hire him. The job was started and completed on time. No mess, no fuss and I absolutely love my new windows. Everything Bob had said about my windows was true. Easy to take care of, pretty and I’m saving on my electric bills!! Thank you Bob!!

Faith L.

I did some research on the windows category on Angie’s List. Clear Choice windows has a very high rating and most detailed reviews. Some other companies also have good reviews but they have some non-informative reviews. I was impressed by all the positive comments left for Clear Choice and decided to make a call. I was scheduled 9am in the morning the second day. And Bob appeared in the front door at 8:59am (maybe 9 in his watch). Bob showed me details about his material and product. Very impressive presentation. Bob told me his price would not be the lowest nor the highest, but I found his quote was very reasonable. I actually scheduled an estimate with another company (who also has high ratings in this category) on the same day. And Bob’s price was much much better. I initially quoted for 8 windows, but I decided to add more windows. Called Bob again in the morning and he agreed to come over at 12pm the same day. Again Bob showed up exactly on time and gave me the estimate. I called several other companies and none of them had such quick response. During our conversations, I found Bob was knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and a considerate gentleman. It’s Bob’s personality that won the deal. I decided to go with Bob. The arrival of new windows took around three weeks. When Bob scheduled the installation date, he told me it would probably take two days. The crew was supposed to arrive between 8:30am and 9:30am, but Dominique knocked the door at 8am. A little bit early but better than late. And the team worked the whole day (literally, from 8:30am to 7:30pm) to finish the installation, taking merely 40 minutes for lunch. The installation is hassle free and professional. Overall I am very pleased with the new windows and would like to call Bob again in the future. I intended to give an A+ but Angie’s list does not have this option. Thank you Bob!

Weijie C.

We were pleased with Bob and his crew. Bob provided us with a comprehensive assessment, and gained our confidence to move forward with his offer. We appreciated his being on time for our appointment, his professional dress and his experience. To cap it off, we were pleased with the quality of his product and his ability to save us time (by helping us understand how his product and business stood out from the other sources we had pre-selected through Angie’s List). Our installation experience was also very positive. Bob’s crew of 3 (Nate, Chad and Yaz) were early on the 1st day of installation and worked through ’til dark, completing the job in 1-1/2 days vs. the 2 days we expected. They checked with us during the process, were friendly and cleaned up well after both days. Additionally, the crew made sure we understood the operation of the windows and cleaned them thoroughly after installation. As the result of such a positive experience, we consulted with Bob about our next objective, replacing our gutters. We moved forward with Clear Choice for that project as well.

Tom A.

The installers arrived on time as scheduled. They were courteous, professional and quick. The team worked smoothly and the owner also stopped by to ensure customer satisfaction with the project which was a nice touch. Would recommend the company to anyone.

Noboru C.

Bob came to our home and was very information about his product, provided a demonstration and an estimate. He was able to set up the installation date that we needed. His crew arrived promptly on the day of installation and got right to work. They placed drop cloths in front of all of the windows to collect any debris. They also dusted any surfaces that were close to the windows after they completed the installation. The installers cleaned up inside and outside of the house at the end of the day. On the day of the installation, Bob came by to make sure everything was okay and that I was happy. I noticed that one of the windows had a defect in the window pane and pointed that out to Bob. He immediately called his manufacturer to get a replacement. When the replacement came in, he brought it out himself and installed it.I highly recommend Clear Choice Windows. I don’t think you can get better customer service. Bob is dedicated to making sure you’re happy with the purchase and the work. I have more windows to replace and will be contacting him to replace those also.

Thomas L.

Clear Choice did a great job for us from coming out to show us their product through the estimate and then setting up the installation date we needed. The workmen did a great job and cleaned their work area very well. They actually replaced windows in our upstairs so they worked in the house. All work was done promptly and clean up was great. I have already talked to them about possibly replacing our downstairs windows in the future.

Fred B.
Fuquay Verina

Bob came to the house to give us information about Clear Choice Windows as well as an estimate. He was very informative and has been in this business for a long time. Bob was on time. We ordered about 30 windows and set up a date for the installers to come and replace our windows. Trace and his crew were great. They came early in the morning and got right to work. Although is sounds like replacing all our windows would be very messing it was not. Trace and crew placed drop clothes in front of the windows so if any debris was to come into the house it would be on the drop cloth. The installers cleaned up at the end of everyday. They were very good with their time. All the workers were very respectful of our home. They always took of their shoes off when they came into the house. Bob has come and checked on the windows and to make sure I love the windows. It is really nice to have some customer service after a product is purchased.I fell like we got a good price for the replacement windows and I have to say I love the windows. I had such a tough time opening all our windows and now I can do it one handed. The windows look great from inside and out!! I would highly recommend Clear Choice.

Erin T.

We chose Clear Choice Windows North Carolina Replacement windows for several reasons.

1) The NC franchise owner, Bob Maceda, is knowledgeable, available, and respectful, has integrity, and is a perfectionist. He is pleasant to work with and keeps his commitments to installation date, quality, and availability. Bob has worked in window manufacturing and knows and understands what is required to make a quality window. After talking with Bob we had no doubts about his integrity and the quality of the windows. He follows government requirements to check for lead-based paint and installed our windows in accordance to these regulations.2) We know we received a high quality window at a fair price.

3) Bob does not sub-contract out the installation. He has trained his crews to work to his high standards. They are efficient, responded amiably to questions, and reviewed the operating instructions. They sealed the windows outside with insulating foam, inside with acrylic caulk, and cleaned the newly installed windows inside and out as well as surrounding walls, floor, and exterior areas before leaving the job site. They installed 18 windows in one day, one room at a time.

4) The windows are easy to operate and make our home quieter and warmer. The exterior aluminum wrapped window trim gives our home a beautiful “face lift”. The windows have a lifetime warranty which, should we move, can be passed on to the purchasers via a certificate from Clear Choice. Clear Choice was the Right Choice for us!

Barbara I.

Everything about Bob’s company is first rate, happy with no reservation.

Rod W.

We needed to replace all the windows on the second floor of our house, 14 windows in all. The owner, Bob Maceda came out to give us an estimate. He is very personable and obviously thinks highly of his product. Our windows did not measure according to standard measurements so Bob made sure he had the exact measurements and even measured them twice . The old windows were removed, and the outside of the window frames were fully capped. Since our home has wood siding, we liked this feature. One window arrived cracked but was replaced within 2 weeks.We got several estimates but thought the quality of windows was better than the others. Bob Maceda, owner of Clear Choice Windows was very responsive and gave us a very thorough explanation of how the windows were constructed and operated. He returned all calls immediately and when we asked for some time to think about his proposal, was most gracious. The cost was a little higher than we had hoped it would be but felt it would be worth it. We enjoyed working with Bob and love our new windows! Clear Choice was certainly a great choice for us!

Gladys W.

We contacted Clear Choice for an appointment and they came out within the week. Bob himself gave us a demonstration of the windows and the installation process. We were so impressed that we set up an appointment to install the following week. Bob’s men showed up on time and completed the installation in less than three hours. They did an excellent job and the windows look great. We plan to hire Clear Choice again to replace additional windows in our home. Highly recommended.

Jeff W.
Wake Forest

The experience was fantastic. They were the only company that I called that answered right away. I left voicemails with numerous other companies and heard back from only one or two of them.Bob Maceda , the owner, came out the next day and accommodated my schedule which was fantastic. He was very professional, very engaging and clearly a true believer in his products. His explanations and samples were extremely helpful as he was able to truly show the difference of why his product was superior. He clearly knew his stuff, and wouldn’t bash other companies or their products, but just explained why his was a great option.We discussed options as far as doing a couple now and then a couple later but once Bob showed me the price and what all was included in the price, I was sold. I actually ended up calling the other two companies that I had scheduled to come out and cancelled on them.

The day of installation arrived, the crew was very professional and just a down to earth good group. They knocked out the project (9 windows in total) in about a half a day. They discarded the old ones, wrapped the trim (even replaced several rotted pieces) in aluminum, caulked and sealed the inside and outside of the windows and cleaned up making it look like they never arrived.. except for the fact that I had an immediate and what I would consider a very impressive upgrade to the look of my home.

These windows are extremely solid, well built, have all the features you could ask for in a window. The screens are discrete but the most durable screens I’ve ever seen, the windows operate so easily and without having to strain to open or close. They are double hung and cleaning is an absolute breeze. The ones I got are about an inch thick and the sound proofing and insulation that they provide is remarkably noticeable.

I would highly recommend this company, from Bob to his crew, these guys are extremely meticulous, have a high attention to detail and honestly care about the service and product they provide. All this and with a superior product at an extremely good price!

Ryan M.

After having 3 different companies come out to our house to give us estimates to replace 18 windows, I met Bob Maceda of Clear Choice Windows. The other salesmen were extremely pushy, couldn’t answer all my questions regarding the process of replacing my original wood windows with energy efficient vinyl windows. Two of the salespeople presented their price and when I told them they were too expensive, they dropped prices if we would sign a contract that day. I do not appreciate their high pressure tactics. Bob told us that he doesn’t play games with his customers. He gives you his best price up front and explains in detail what you are getting for your money. No need to negotiate a good price and great value upfront. Bob called me the night before our meeting and said he will be at my house the next day at the agreed upon time. When he arrived, his appearance and manner were very professional. He first explained his extensive experience in the window industry. He then went on to tell us about Clear Choice’s national presence and how they leverage their buying power to give his customers a great value. After two hours of listening to Bob and asking questions, my wife and I felt that we learned more about windows than with all the previous 3 salesmen combined. We decided to go with Bob Maceda and Clear Choice Windows. Bob told us that it would be 2-3 weeks to have the windows manufactured and be delivered to his warehouse, then his office would call to schedule installation. Sure enough, we got a call 2 weeks later that our windows were delivered to the warehouse and would be installed later that week. His installers were very pleasant and efficient. They placed drop-clothes underneath every window to catch all of the debris that could fall, protecting my carpets and hardwood floors. Bob arrived at my house to check on the installation while the work was in process. When the job was completed, the installers went around the house to make certain they did a thorough clean-up inside and out. The lead installer; Trace, reviewed the operating procedure on the windows with my wife and me. He presented us with the warranty and customer satisfaction survey. This is a company that certainly understands how to deliver a great product and service. We love our new windows and look forward to lowering our energy bills in the coming months and years. We are very satisfied and highly recommend Bob Maceda and Clear Choice Windows.

Mike P.

They did an excellent job. Bob the owner was very responsive, patient, professional, and answered all our questions. They were very accommodating, I was very pleased with the service over all. I would definitely recommend them.

Kellen M.

They arrived early and began to set up quickly. After introducing themselves and looking around the property they began to prep the windows for removal by taping plastic around the inside of all the windows. This allows them to remove the windows from the outside without getting dust and debris in the house.They removed and discarded all the old screens and windows and replaced them with vinyl windows.The windows were sealed and caulked and when dry they were tested for proper function.

After all the waste material was cleaned up from the site they came through to make sure all the windows worked and showed me again how they function.

The job looks great and the house has a nice clean look. The sun is shining in brightly without the excess heat to raise my power bill. I look forward to the lower energy costs and the ease of keeping them clean.

Thanks very much Bob and the rest of the crew. Money well spent.

Kris R.

Bob came to my house for an estimate.Bob called back several times.I decided to have the job done, He came over a few days later, reviewed very comprehensively exactly the product I was getting and the installation procedures. We selected the date, I paid my deposit and the windows were installed on the exact date we decided.

The operation was flawless.

Nancy S.

Bob and his team were very professional. Received several estimates and felt the most comfortable with his product and the fact that I was dealing with the owner of the company and someone with many years of experience in the industry. The pricing was easy to understand with no gimmicks. The installation team was punctual, professional, courteous and neat. Clear Choice did such a great job that I hired them to install the remaining windows in my house this month.

Adair W.

Doing business with Clear Choice Windows of the Triangle was a very positive experience. Bob Maceda the president of the company made the initial meeting with us to discuss the advantages and benefits of Clear Choice Windows over our old energy inefficient windows. His mannerism was very professional, informative and pleasant. This company is trustworthy and reliable with an honest work ethic. His installation crew was knowledgeable, worked efficiently and were on time. They were willing to explain the process, spoke English and took the time to clean up after themselves. The work was scheduled and completed on the dates as promised. Bob cares about his clients and their needs by being always available and even shows up during installation! These windows have a 50 year warranty of and defects or workmanship. The warranty is even transferable to a subsequent owner. This reassuring information made my choice to replace my windows much easier. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants more efficient windows, lower energy bills and a great look with the trim that never needs painting. Not to mention child safe locks and really easy cleaning! Thank you Mr. Maceda for making my choice clear in window replacements!

Mary V.

Replaced our 11 windows with argon windows. Hauled off old windows and storm windows.They were great, very professional, polite, and respectful of our home. Arrived on time and did not stop until they finished cleaned up inside and outside when they were done.

Connie & Leo M.

Bob, the owner, came out quickly at a convenient time for us to give us an estimate and show us his window samples. Work was scheduled at a time that was convenient for our work schedules (after just a little negotiation) and arranged within about 2 weeks after his initial visit. His workman were very prompt, courteous and professional and cleaned up very well behind themselves. Very pleased with windows and think it was a good value compared to other quotes I have gotten over the years I have contemplated replacing them. Much easier to deal with Bob than going to big box store.

Laura T.

I’ve recently had my windows replaced by Clear Choice Windows of the Triangle and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. The experience from start to finish was top notch. We are grateful to have made the decision to go with Clear Choice.I had no clue what we were in for when we started shopping for windows. We had a total of three window companies come to give us demonstrations, we actually had four scheduled but one never showed up. The first company that did show was late and the salesman was obnoxious and rude, he clearly did not want to be there. We had no problem telling him no thank you. The second salesman was nice enough, at first. When he got to the end of the presentation he turned on us like a wild dog. We told him we were unsure and needed some time and he got belligerent and nasty and really laid the pressure on pretty thick. We were not very comfortable with him and weren’t very impressed with his window anyway.We were growing very tired of the whole process when we had the pleasure of meeting Bob from Clear Choice. Bob actually showed up on time, neat and clean, and was professional throughout the whole demonstration. Bob was very patient with us and answered all of our questions. My husband and I never felt pressured in any way. Bob took the time to tell us everything about his company, his windows, and his pricing. We felt like we were dealing with a trusted family member rather than a high pressure salesman.

That night we bought the windows from Bob and Clear Choice. imagine our surprise when the next day Bob calls us and tells us he made a mistake on the order. Uh oh, I thought. Here comes the old adding to the price trick. Imagine my surprise when Bob told me he mistakenly charged us too much and needed to reduce the price he charged us. He asked if he could come right over to straighten out the paperwork so as not to delay the order of our windows. WOW, someone in this day and age with integrity!

A couple of weeks later our windows had arrived and were ready to be installed. Trace and his crew were at our house 10 minutes early and it was amazing how quick they worked. They were very neat and treated our house with respect, like it was their own. We are absolutely thrilled with how the windows look installed. They’ve really made such a difference in the appearance of our house. I’ve saved the best for last; we’ve just gotten our first gas bill since the windows were installed and are very happy. The bill is 38% less than last year and 39% less than the year before.

In closing, everything Bob said would happen did. We are very happy with Clear Choice, and Bob, and would highly recommend them to anyone considering replacement windows.

Rosemary M.

I am very pleased with my Clear Choice windows. Bob Maceda responded promptly to my call for an estimate. He spent 2 hours explaining the different options, showing me samples and measuring my windows that had to be replaced. I chose the low e argon gas insulated ones. He clearly knows his business and answered all of my questions. I was thrilled that i would be able to get the windows installed in 2 weeks. The whole process went very smoothly. Bob dropped by a couple of times during the day to check on things. The installers came right on time and were very professional and courteous. By 7 PM all 12 windows were in. What a difference! They even put 7 plantation shutters back up. This is a company that goes out of it’s way to see that you are satisfied. I’m looking forward to getting the rest of my windows done by them.

Kathleen F.

I met Bob Maceda (the owner) at a home improvement show and asked for an estimate to replace the windows in my house. Bob himself came to my home to do the estimate. Bob was very professional and personable. He explained every facet of the windows from manufacturing to installation in great detail. He probably spent more time with me than he should have but answered ALL of my questions and gave us demonstrations of his products. He also showed us detailed photos of previous work and even told us about the caulk he uses to seal the windows. Bob was very receptive to my suggestions for changes to the current windows. I received an estimate from Bob while he was still at my home that same day. My wife and I debated over whether to use Clear Choice but in the end we were highly impressed with Bob and his product. The day the windows were to be installed, the crew arrived a bit earlier than they had informed me. I was told that it would take two days to install the windows and the crew got straight to work. They worked all day, installing a couple of windows at a time. They brought enough personnel to do the job quickly and all of the windows were installed on the first day. The crew made sure that I inspected their work when they were finished and demonstrated all the features of the windows. Afterward, they cleaned up around where they worked, they cleaned the yard, and even cleaned the windows of hand prints.A week later, Bob himself came to our home to inspect the work and asked about any issues we had. Bob gave me his own cell number to call if we had any problems. A little while after the installation, we noticed that one of the sashes in our son’s room was dirty inside and the room was hotter than normal. I called Bob who came out the next day to take a look at the sash. He took the serial number of the one sash and two weeks later he came out himself and replaced the sash. We found the same problem with one of the other sashes in my son’s room later and called Bob. Bob then called the factory supervisor who came out to check the problem. Two weeks later we had another replacement sash and have not had any problems since.Bob was extremely attentive and urgently addressed any questions or concerns we had both prior to and after the sale and installation. I was so impressed with Bob’s professionalism and I would use him any again for ANY of my window needs. In fact, we are thinking of replacing our sliding glass door with French doors and will call him first!

Ron B.